Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Some lovin' for ColourLovers

This site I just found via Neatorama. I am color blind to a degree, and learned exactly to what degree in this post at MentalFloss: "The deuteranomalous person is considered “green weak”. Similar to the protanomalous person, he is poor at discriminating small differences in hues in the red, orange, yellow, green region of the spectrum. He makes errors in the naming of hues in this region because they appear somewhat shifted towards red for him."

Color has always been a tad confusing, but in my eyes the world is vibrant, colorful and incredible. As a graphic designer, most of my color challenges have been overcome with the help of others: Oh, that sky is purple? How about now, is that better?

I suppose if I had gone to art school, some of this would have been addressed early on for me, but as a late-in-life self-taught graphics guy, I stumbled and struggled along the way. No big. I'm not really a bashful guy, so having my deficiency pointed out by others was more a practical reaction for me than one of a failing.

Not so my creative works. I like what I do when I create. I know some artists are never satisfied with their works, some can't even look at them again after the fact (more on this later); me, I like what I do as I finish it. A lot. So when I would get critiqued, quote unquote, I would bristle at opinions that were vague or uninformed.

I wonder if this is normal, or just a vulnerable creative ego excersizing self-preservation?